Teflon™ Coating - Processes

Electrostatic, airless or with compressed air - always a smooth result

With Teflon™ Coating three coating systems are available that cover every possible need. Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH offers the right coating system – from the simple to the super non-stick coating – to match every requirement

Also in the field of dry lubrication coatings, Gutbrod has perfect solutions to hand. PTFE one-layer systems are available, depending on the application, in many different types and qualities.

They are used everywhere where self-lubrication and dry-running operation characteristics are desired. In the electrostatic procedure (powder coating), workpieces are coated perfectly without any solvents up to the highest level of difficulty, in order to achieve increased reliability concerning abrasion.

In the spraying sinter procedure (airless and compressed air process), Gutbrod works with Teflon™ Coating. The coating is sprayed on and then sintered at 220° C to 420° C.

For pretreatment of the substrate, the most modern plant (defatting, aluminium oxide sandblasting) is available. Sintering capacity encompasses 23 ovens with a maximum size of 7 × 5 × 5 m and 9 × 2.5 × 2.5 m.

Controls after coating to ensure perfect surfaces, safe non-stick effect and correct layer thicknesses belong to the Gutbrod standard, as well as continuous testing of raw materials and production methods.