ETFE - Fields of application

For the best only the highest quality

ICS-ETFE is used for coating stainless steel process and utility pipework, for example. As a special, flame-resistant interior coating, this is particularily suitable for the coating of exhaust air pipework, for example, in factories in the chip, solar cell and fibre optics industries. ICS is FM-approved – each construction part is marked separately with the FM specification. This coating is also tested according to the American safety standard Factory Mutual Research 4910 and suitable for use in clean rooms.

The coatings are used, amongst other things, in the chemical industry, the electrical industry, the automobile industry as well as in the food industry and in semiconductor technology. ETFE coatings are particularly well suited for use in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry. ETFE resists the most extreme conditions, such as e.g. the processing of high-purity grade water (molecules can still be extracted by this even from glass or ceramic).

A coating with ETFE is suitable for many construction parts. For example:

  • Tubes and pipelines
  • Casings and containers
  • Process and utility pipes
  • Centrifuges
  • Reactors
  • Tanks
  • Inspection glass
  • and more besides