ETFE - Processes

Strong material meets highest comeptence

Just like all the other coating processes described already, an application using ETFE from Gutbrod can be accomplished efficiently and without a problem. Best possible knowledge of the subject matter, the sophisticated Gutbrod coating technology as well as the most modern working equipment culminate in optimal implementation of customer requirements and goals.

ETFE is a modified copolymer consisting of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. With ETFE, a very tough and steadfast coating with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance even at very high as well as low temperatures is possible. ETFE can be outstandingly well processed. Layer thicknesses of more than 1.5 mm can be produced, depending on the design of the construction part.

Several alternatives are available as coating process. Besides powder coating, layer thickness up to 5 mm are possible using the rotational lining procedure with ETFE (depending on the construction and geometry of the construction part).

In this respect detailed information is summarised on our ChemResist pages.