Zinc Lamella Coating GU-ZL


In order to be able to benefit from the excellent strength values of carbon steels in a heavily corrosive environment – in comparison with expensive stainless steels – Zinc Lamella Coating can be used.

Our Zinc Lamella Coating generates the so-called cathodic protection. The more ignoble zinc “sacrifices” itself to protect the base material. Steel can be protected in this way. The layer thickness is between 10 μm and 25 μm, for specific requirements thicker layers are possible.

For metric threated parts it is necessary to meet the tolerances according to ISO 965, to avoid the screw thread‘s agglutination and to keep the friction coefficients accordingly adjustable.

In contrast to paints, where the danger infiltration is given, this phenomenon is prevented through the „sacrificing“ impact of zinc. In salt spray tests zinc lamella coatings achieve better results than typical galvanic zinc plating, which often only reaches 96 h to 200 h in salt spraying tests (usually according to DIN EN ISO 9227).

We coat from smallest screw-parts to large parts up to a length of 8 m. Also heavy parts are possible to coat.