Manufacturing engineering at the highest level

Coating technology for the highest requirements

Perfect results for surface protection do not just happen by chance. Since it was established in 1964, Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH has worked successfully on continuous improvements as well as on the advancement of innovative solutions for coating technology. The Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH belongs to the leading fluoropolymer coaters in Europe.

The highest requirements with regard to quality, reliability and safety as well as the unlimited competence and experience of Gutbrod in this special field of fluoropolymer coating have set new standards in the market time again and again and strengthened the top position of the company. The Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH cooperates from the beginning with well-known national and international raw material suppliers.

We welcome challenges

Apart from many other factors, the success of Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH is based on the following fundamentals: On the one hand, every object to be coated starting from the smallest to the largest part is processed separately and individually – no mass production but certainly serial production. In this way, the most difficult jobs can be solved problem-free and highest requirements can be satisfied. On the other hand, Gutbrod as a private company places particular emphasis on closeness to the customer and consultation – communication, mutual understanding, and finding the best solutions together.

Constant dialogue with customers provides a view of their various needs and enables personal consultation, which at Gutbrod is marked by knowledge, competence, experience and interested open-mindedness. In this way, exact problem solutions which match the objective and perfect results are produced right from the beginning. Comprehensive support during order processing as well as reliable service to follow mean: At Gutbrod the customer and their requirements are the centre of focus.

Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH  – everything that characterizes a Swabian family business: Interested open-mindedness, Interested open-mindedness, extensive knowledge and abilities, readiness to innovate, motivation and determination to achieve, as well as a fair and respectful way of treating customers and employees.

This is what Wolfgang Gutbrod and Michael Gutbrod stand for.