EDLON™PFA - Advantages



The outstanding advantages of the EDLONTM PFA system are extremely various and of considerable use for the customer:

  • Achievement of high layer thicknesses (up to ~ 1.5 mm, depending on the component size and design)
  • PFA as a full fluorinated polymer is the most resistant material after platinum
  • Thermally stable up to 260° C
  • Also available as an electrically conductive version
  • FDA conform
  • Certified according to the Technical Directive on Air Quality Control
  • Applicable up to 150° C at peak loads during operation of a process including safety reserves (depending upon the chemical exposure)
  • New and interesting perspectives result under vacuum conditions
  • Smooth protective layer prevents potential emissions
  • EDLON TM PFA coatings are reparable under certain conditions and can be repaired on site. Long downtimes or complex return transport are thus avoidable
  • Optimal surface protection with EDLON TM PFA means the highest quality with the greatest multi-functionality and economy