ChemResist - Process sequence

1. Preparation of the object to be lined

2. Inspection of the parts to be lined

The parts to be processed are checked before being lined according to the construction guidelines DIN EN 14879-1. The radiuses have to be properly rounded off and welding seams have to be cleanly ground. No welding beads are allowed to remain.

3. Thermal degreasing

Before the lining process, greasy or oily residues have to be removed, as these can influence the adhesion of the lining onto the carrier material.

4. Preparation of the object: roughing up the surface

In order to achieve adhesion, the parts are first blasted with highly purified aluminium oxide.

5. Rotational sinter lining

The components are fixed into a clamping device and filled with the appropriate material. The lining temperature and rotational speed are individually set.

6. Finishing

Mechanical processing of the sealed surface.

7. Inspection and quality control

The components are inspected visually for appearance, layer thickness, pore imperme ability and, if necessary, electrical conductivity, an inspection cer tificate 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204 is issued. All test procedures are documented.

8. Packaging and shipment