E-CTFE - Processes

Safe and environmentally friendly

Many years of experience as well as constant improvements in powder and priming materials enable Gutbrod to achieve perfect results with coatings made with E-CTFE in best quality, even with moulded parts with the highest level of difficulty.

The distinctive feature of the coating material and electrostatic powder spraying technology hereby complement one another optimally. The layer structure and application processes produce a non-porous surface protection which is firmly bound to the substrate material, with which layer thicknesses up to ~ 1.5 mm can be achieved depending on the construction of the parts.

Before coating, each object is carefully pre-treated at Gutbrod. The construction guidelines according to DIN EN 14879-1 are observed thereby. Continuous controls during and after coating are standard. Perfect surfaces with correct layer thicknesses and non-porosity are a matter of course at Gutbrod to achieving fastidious working quality.

Corrosion protection with E-CTFE is a clean business. Because of the „dry“ procedure, no solvent is released into the air. This is good for the environment and a further argument in favour of E-CTFE used in coatings from Gutbrod.