ETFE - Advantages

Maximum performance in many years

ETFE is the most stable fluoropolymer and satisfies the highest possible claims regarding quality for an optimal coating. Many of the outstanding characteristics of ETFE have already been presented. Here are some of the advantages summarized in an overview:

  • Very good chemical stability with aggressive media
  • Outstanding electrical characteristics Excellent insulation properties and a low dielectric constant
  • Broad temperature range of application
  • Cold resistant
  • FDA compliant
  • Extremely weather-proof against exposure to sun, wind, rain and also exhaust gases
  • Safety thanks to best possible flame retardancy
  • Very steadfast against mechanical influences, such as e.g. vibrations and bending loads
  • Extremely moisture repellent and absolutely water resistant
  • Innocuous, neutral to taste and smell
  • Long life-span, even under influences such as high temperatures, solvents, oils, oxidising agents, UV light, and more besides
  • Electrically dissipating version available
  • Anti-adhesive surface