E-CTFE - Advantages

Functional and effective

Many crucial advantages make coating with E-CTFE so functional and effective:

  • Outstanding chemical resilience:
    Resistant to most technical acids, bases and solvents
  • Very good electrical properties:
    Low, stable dielectric constant over a broad range of temperatures and frequencies
  • Very good radiation stability:
    Excellent retention of good properties after cobalt 60; even at 200 MEGARAD E-CTFE still shows acceptable values
  • Best mechanical stability:
    Dimensionally stable drilling, turning, milling or grinding of the coated part is possible without a problem
  • Very good weathering resistance:
    Practically no changes under the influence of weather
  • Outstanding flame-retardant properties:
    No melting, no dripping, only charring; if the flame is removed, E-CTFE extinguishes immediately
  • Problem-free repair:
    Small damaged spots can be repaired on site without partial dismantling; larger areas can be repaired using E-CTFE plates welded into place or by coat removal and recoating
  • Also available as an electrically dissipating version
  • Certified according to the Technical Directive on Air Quality Control