EDLON™PFA - Processes

Resistance under high loads

PFA as a fully fluorinated polymer is the most resist material after platinum and thermally stable up to 260° C. The system can be used during the operational demands of a process up to peak loads of 150° C and thereby offers safety reserves for short operational breakdowns. Practical tests are recommended before a large-scale use, particularly at high temperatures and with combinations of media.

This is where Gutbrod brings in its applications know-how. Our extensive experience as well as the large number of available positive operating results serves us as a basis for assessing individual application cases.

Complex testing under operating conditions and quality controls at Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH provide the highest level of safety. Thus, for example, the non-porous nature of the coating is guaranteed by checking the pore density of the finished final layer after completion of the layer structure.

Perfect surface protection with EDLON™ PFA starts at Gutbrod with optimal preparation:

  • Observance of the construction guidelines according to DIN EN 14879-1
  • Pre-treatment: Thermal degreasing, (removal of oily and greasy residues), preparation of the adhesive layer by blasting with highly pure aluminium oxide
  • Use of altogether 23 oven plants for sintering procedures. Maximum application sizes: 7 × 5 × 5 m and 9 × 2.5 × 2.5 m