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Gutbrod at O+S in Stuttgart, 24. – 26. June 2014

Exhibition report

The Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH, a leading enterprise/company in Europe for trendsetting solutions in the surface technology with Fluorpolymers, presents itself on the trade fair in Stuttgart with innovative new and further developed/advanced products.

Constant dialogue with customers and suppliers is the foundation for Gutbrod`s product-development – so Gutbrod is able to fulfill customer's requirements individually and promptly and the Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH is able to develop in dialogue with its supplier's  forward-looking lining- and coating-systems/products.

Firstly Gutbrod presents on O&S 2014 its new coating-system „ETFE ultra+“  to an expert audience.

ETFE ultra+ provides chemical protection on highest level, with very best permeation properties. Furthermore complex and difficult parts do not represent a problem for ETFE ultra+, also complex designs and big parts can be coated.

Gutbrod also shows  familiar and established non-stick-coating-systems and coating and lining-systems for chemical protection for all industrial fields, apart ETFE ultra+ and other advanced products. Gutbrods coatings- and lining-system attracted interest to technical experienced visitors also on this fair trade fair.

Once again it becomes apparent that the Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH, for 50 years successful in the market,  is any longer on growth  course not only in Europe,  due to its current investment in product development and advanced products as well as in latest  technology .

A lot of satisfied customers at home and abroad are confirming Gutbrod´s successful work – also furthermore will be invested in research and development and in latest technology!

Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH
June 2014

Location: Stuttgart Fairgrounds

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