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Gutbrod at Achema, 11. - 15. June 2018

Fair report

As one of the leading companies in Europe for future-oriented solutions in surface technology with fluoropolymers, Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH presented itself at the ACHEMA 2018 with innovative developments.

Due to the constant and intensive dialogue with our customers and suppliers, Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH can respond individually and promptly to customer requests.

In a dialogue with our suppliers and the internal development department, future-oriented solutions are developed and produced. This enables the family-owned company, which now has more than 80 employees, to achieve the best possible solutions for the specific requirements of its customers.

Regular customers as well as new customers receive individual and competent advice - special customer requirements lead to the development of new, unique products.

At the ACHEMA 2018, we were able to present to a wide range of specialist visitors a further stage of development of our proven ETFE surface and the possibility to line significantly larger dimensions with our rotation-lining.

ETFE ultra+ Evolution

With our new coating "ETFE ultra+ Evolution" the customer obtains a high-quality chemical protection coating with excellent permeation properties, which not only covers almost all shapes and designs, but is also particularly suitable for tank installations, tanks and pipelines.



With our ETFE ultra+ Evolution it is possible to coat and protect containers, vessels and pipelines sustainably and economically with a high-quality chemical and acid-proof inner coating up to a thickness of 5 mm.

The coating is resistant to chemicals and acids and has many advantages opposite to commercially available coatings, for example: seamless coating, no weld seams, no glue, very good permeation properties due to special fillers, easy to clean, FDA compliant, also possible as conductive version, resistant to many known acids, alkalis and solvents, use in high temperature ranges possible. 

In addition to the new developments, Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH also presented proven coating and lining systems at the ACHEMA 2018, which are constantly adapted to the evolving customer requirements and demands and which are state-of-the-art.

The visitors' interest in "well-tried" and in new products shows that Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH has an enormous growth potential with its product innovations and ongoing investments in the latest coating and lining technologies.

In recent years, Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH has continuously expanded its sales network, which led to strong growth in orders from abroad.

At the ACHEMA 2018, Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH once again presented itself with their representatives and presented their products and possible applications together with their representatives to numerous interested persons from all over the world.

The coatings and linings of the Rudolf Gutbrod GmbH had once again met with great interest at the ACHEMA 2018 by a professionally well-versed audience.


Location: Frankfurt Fairgrounds

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